My Sighthounds ... and Me

2014 Year Review – Daoud 6 Years

December 30, 2014

2014 Daoud took part in 5 coursings, of which 4 were in the score for the CRL List. He was the 11 th of 27 participants, who came to the vote. Thus Daoud was in the upper half of the males. Also in 2014 we were travelling a lot, for example to Wismar, Hünstetten, Volkmarsen, Ostercappeln and Landstuhl – from the northern north to the south of Germany.

Since I received thankfully a few photos from Gaby Arthur, Daniela van der Lichte and Peter Sander, I would also like to show some of these (see the photos). The Copyright is as noted. Especially, one could be pleased about the result of the International Coursing in Hünstetten (Greyhound Arena), because Daoud was the eighth of 21 participating males. Also, my hound proved a sound performance at the International Autumn Coursing in Ostercappeln – he was the 3 rd of the eleven males (see photo).

Also, the Saluki Annual Exhibition was a highlight in several respects: When I think of the heat that was at that day (June 7, 2014). It was not easy, to get the dogs running in the ring at such a heat-torture. Daoud attained an Excellent in the Champion Class and this was  okay.


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