My Sighthounds ... and Me

Something about Me

In December I was born in Dortmund. I spent my childhood and youth without an own dog in the central of a big city.

After my Professional Studies I wanted to realize a long preserved desire and a dog – a Whippet - came into the house.

Since this time I am the owner of a Sighthound. Born as a Sagittarius, I like protecting and taking care for all alive creatures: Animals, plants and humans.

But my heart is also beating for Arts, because I like to be artistically active. Because one needs a lot of time to make oil-paintings, it is my wish to have more leisure time to be creative in future.

Our large Garden in the Rhineland

Likewise I try to live in conformity with nature and to nourish me as healthy as possible. I keep my eyes and ears open for humans, who have to communicate somewhat to me, so I can learn from them a lot.

From time to time I like to write little stories, too, which I mostly experienced by myself. Animals are for me the most interesting “observation objects”. Today I am living to a large extent in the Sauerland, but also in the Rhineland I am at home.


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