My Sighthounds ... and Me

Animal Stories

“A Life with Sighthounds - and other animals. Stories and Experiences ...“

Since many years I have been collecting animal-stories that I experienced by myself and wrote down in a story-collection called “Very nice and animal-like…”. These stories and anecdotes are all authentic, because I have experienced them by myself. Some from this collection I have published in my Book “a Life with Sighthounds… and other Animals” now, that has been edited in the Kynos Publishing House.

But it is not a “Sighthound-Book” in the usual sense: Narrative texts should produce a personal contact between the reader and the Sighthounds “Ricky, Shari and Gorazan” in this book. But at the same time the reader will get some information about this special dog-race and can make a picture himself on the basis of photos and designs.

Beside Sighthounds different dogs and animal species are mentioned in this book. Yes, the Owner of Sighthounds is a real Fancier of this aristocratic Dog Race, but he can focus his point of view and opens his heart for other animals. So nature impressions are described, which the dog owner happens to know during his daily walks. He is not only an animal-lover, but also a nature connected human, who is thinking himself about Nature Protection and Environment in the “Age of Regulations”.

And in the end also something about my person… the person who is telling something about experiences with animals, is stating a great deal about itself the same time. Writing, photographing and drawing made joy to me, so I wish when reading the book and regarding the pictures a little bit may jump over… Here are some Titles of the Stories from the Book:

  • The Man in the Doghouse
  • My Grandfather, the Hoof-Forge
  • Lotti and Benno
  • A Student Chicken
  • My first Sighthound
  • Sometimes - I would like to breed Salukis ...
  • Samira, the Persian Princess
  • A Saluki comes into the House
  • A Saluki discovers the World
  • With the Sighthounds on the Way
  • Free-wheel permits?
  • Vacation total – a Saluki at the Sea
  • Mussels are not bad at all!
  • A T-Shirt Saluki at the Sea
  • A Sheep Skin against cold Grounds
  • A Lot of Crumbs
  • About Humans, Dogs and Mushrooms
  • Lucky, the Self-Supporter
  • The Bear is the Matter!
  • A Green Saluki
  • Some Cock-and-Bull-Stories
  • Peace Pigeons are searching a Home
  • Car-Martens on the Way
  • Exhibitions and Running
  • Experiences with Shari
  • An incorruptible Guard and Guardian
  • Punishment must be!
  • One more time on the Island of Norderney
  • Dogs as Experts
  • Saying Good-Bye (to the beloved Dog)
  • Children and Sighthounds
  • ... and many other stories

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Attention! The First Edition is out of print after already 9 months. Some more can be ordered however still directly by the authoress.

With kindest regards,

Dr. Margrit Miekeley (as the Authoress of the Book)

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