My Sighthounds ... and Me

Gorazan as an unwanted guest in the garden

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Spring 2007

A squirrel inhabits the large, old pine-tree in our garden. If we drive into the Rhineland on the weekends, Gorazan's first way is to this tree to check whether this cheeky and flitty animal will perhaps run over his way. Indeed, this creature often jumps courageously and impudently short before the dog's nose, in order to make a safe jump in time on a branch. Then it sits there above warning and hissing, because it wants to sell the dog. He however remains under the tree and waits with patience for the tree inhabitant. When the dog does not want to yield at all, then the crescent begins to throw the dog with taps. It is obvious, our dog is with the squirrel an unsolicited guest. Even if the squirrel could be wrong, it will not change its behaviour; because it regards – like the hedgehogs also – our garden as its property!

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