My Sighthounds ... and Me

Saluki Beauty Contest 2007 in Abu Dhabi

within the International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX)

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During my voyage to the United Arab Emirates, I also attended the “International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition” in the new building of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, from 24 till 27 October 2007.

During this exhibition different divisions of the leisure offer were shown, such as safaris, water, horses and hunting sports (with the rifle or falcons). Within this exhibition Arabian horses and dromedaries were auctioned; handicrafts, arts and falcons offered and Salukis presented during the “Saluki Beauty Contest”. I liked the architecture of the building as well as the many folkloric performances, because Arab life has been brought closer to me as a visitor.

At a total of two days (Friday and Saturday) I visited the “Saluki Beauty Contest”:

The selection of the previous two days of the competition has to be seen as the A-level on Friday (26.10.). On the whole 9 smooth and 14 feathered Salukis took part on that day in the contest. This year man and dog ran their rounds in time to classical music.

Jameela (red) and Shaheen (black & tan), the Bahraini-bred Salukis of my friends, also participate in the contest on Friday. On Saturday, the FCI judge - Mr. Gilberto Grandi - had already departed, the title of the BOB was still awarded. This got the feathered black & tan bitch, which was Arabian bred and had also won the day before.

It has been proved again, Salukis to present optimally in a show, requires discipline, a lot of stamina and exercise, because these dogs have their own will and do not always do what the person wants. The judge was so kind to show how to present a Saluki in a show. Also he gave reason to all for his decisions at the end.

Among a large spectator crowd the auction of the camels (dromedaries) was going on in the same ring afterwards. Then I took time to visit the other interesting presentations at the exhibition.

All in all, it was a successful event for which it has been worth to fly into the Emirates again.

Therefore I have to say: Best wishes to my friends and also many thanks to the patronages and organizers.

December 2007, Dr. Margrit Miekeley


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