My Sighthounds ... and Me

The first Saluki World Congress ...

... took place from 26 June to 2 July 2008 in Finland. Numerous friends of the Saluki-breed from all over the world followed the invitation of the Finnish Saluki-Club.

Within a week there were the following events:

  • International Lure Coursing
  • National Specialty Saluki
  • National Sighthound Show
  • Unofficial Open Show For Salukis
  • Lecture on "Saluki Art" in India by Deena Talbot and Irene Holt
  • Exhibition "Salukis in Art"
  • Two-day-seminar with the following Speakers:
    Lena Stahlhandske (AUS), Hamad Al-Ghanem (UAE), Brian Duggan (USA), Säde Hohteri (Fi), Karin Hedberg (S), Mary Dee Sist (USA), Hannes Lohi (FI), Sir Terence Clark (UK), John Burchard (USA)and Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben (Germany)
  • International & Nordic Race Championship 2008
  • Evening Banquet in a typically Finnish barn
  • Sightseeing tour on myself through Helsinki

I hereby would like to thank the whole Congress Committee of the Finnish Saluki Club and all people as well who helped that this visit became such a great event to the first Saluki World Congress in Mustiala/Finland!

An article on the first Saluki World Congress will be also published soon here.

August 2008, Dr. Margrit Miekeley

Part 1

  • Flight to Helsinki from Duesseldorf by Finnair
  • On the road to Forssa in the surrounding of Mustiala/Tammela
  • Opening Ceremonies and Visitors from all over the World
  • International Lure Coursing

Part 2

  • The National Saluki Specialty

Part 3

  • The National Sighthound Specialty

Part 4

  • The Unofficial Open Show For Salukis

Part 5

  • Two-Days-Seminar
  • International & Nordic Race Championship
  • Sightseeing Tour by myself through Helsinki
  • Return Flight to Germany

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