My Sighthounds ... and Me

Gorazan, a musical Saluki

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When my husband goes into the lowest floor of our house, in order to make music there, then Gorazan follows him at once hearing the first tones. At this common fun he would absolutely like to participate.

Yes, this wonderful Saluki is really able, not only to “talk”, but also to sing in along with a melody. The tones of the trumpet particularly provoke him very much. However this “singing“ of a can also be disturbing dog for artists' ears sometimes. Therefore the dog is sometimes excluded from the participation. Particularly, if a auditorium is present, because only the dog is the attraction and paid attention alone. Playing music is really for the dog a large joy, if the door to the lowest floor is open, he makes music à la „His Master's Voice “. But this is only, when the dog wants to do.

But can you imagine, that there will be someone who does not smile?

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