My Sighthounds ... and Me


In spite of having always given a lot of love and pampering to my beloved sighthounds, I have never forgotten that these hounds have special needs, what first of all means sufficient running and movement. Since, I am not allowed to go for a hunting in Germany, nor in other countries, although they were bred for the chase, coursing-fields and racing tracks offer a good alternative as an useful replacement.

Appropriate to Daoud's talents, my new Saluki should also take the opportunity to act how he likes. But first, he can play and romp around for his joy. It will be seen whether he also will be successful in competitions, on which I am looking forward to, but first of all I am only pleased about my beautiful Saluki, that I will certainly fancy him that I also did with his predecessors.

I like very much walking with my mummy, but most of all I like to run and to romp around outside.

Activities in the 2nd and 3rd year of his life

Daoud is exactly the ideal of a Saluki, that represents the breeding-goal of “beauty and performance” well balanced on both parts. Therefore, I let him participate in racing, coursing and exhibition events. But he can decide what he will like best. Watching him, I suppose it may be the lure coursing, where he can show the full range of his talents. When he rushes with a smiling face over the fields and meadows, stops, beats hooks, and rushes rushes again past at me in a flying gallop, then I know my Saluki is happy and that is what he needs.

Therefore, I want to allow the fun to him and drive many miles a year, which proves the odometer of my car.


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