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December 22nd, 2010

Dear Visitors and dear Readers!

It is not to imagine how fast this year has gone over! To raise a young Saluki dog, to exhibit him at shows and to participate him at the Sighthound-Sports, means to require much time, so that little was only left for an update of my homepage, unfortunately. But this will hopefully change next year, and I herewith promise to do it better then.
There will be some new articles to be read and some new photos of my Saluki to be seen.

We would like to thank all the visitors and readers of our website for their interest.

Now we wish You Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year,

Margrit Miekeley & Daoud Osjan Al Firdous

August 9th, 2009

The first English article in the category "Dog Breeding" has been published in : Why a Sighthound?

March 23rd, 2009

After having had a long and very harsh winter with lots of ice, snow and rain this year, Spring has finally just come - but just in time on 21 March.

February 10th, 2009

A new section about my Saluki „Daoud Osjan Al Firdous“ has just been opened!

January 7th,2009

Report about the first Saluki World Congress in Finland, currently only available in German language.

January 4th, 2009

Video slide shows about Saluki World Congress 2008 have been added!


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